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August 16, 2023


Food trucks are like mobile restaurants where cooking and serving equipment are available. Food truck restaurants are transportation you can easily set up in any area. That is why there is no need for chairs, tables for guests and limited staff. 


Food trucks are less expensive as compared to restaurants. You can easily buy and rent a food truck according to some documents and capital required, such as 

  • Vehicle license and fuel, maintenance 

  • You can buy and rent the vehicle 

  • Food safety license

  • Employee salary 

  • Kitchen equipment 

  • Area allowing permit   


Food trucks do not need a fixed area. They set up any location but according to the permit. 


Food trucks need limited staff for service, such as one member making food, one packaging the ordering food, and one who manages payment and sales. And also, all members have driving licenses. In case the driver cannot drive, then the staff can drive.  


Food trucks are flexible restaurants. They can move quickly and set a different location. 

  • Food trucks serve street food anywhere to customer 

  • Decorated sit space

  • Maintain hygiene within the space 

  • Get every day new customer 


Food trucks need small equipment to make and serve food to the customer, such as 

  • Heating equipment 

  • Refrigerator and food cooking equipment 

  • Serving and packaging equipment 

  • Cleaning equipment 


A traditional restaurant is a fixed building with one large kitchen and a large room with a guest table. They make food according to the customer’s mood. Traditional restaurants have less flexibility compared to food trucks. And create a suitable environment for guests.   


Traditional restaurants are challenging and expensive tasks that do not start immediately. You need an ample space such as 

  • Land and building 

  • Interior design 

  • Food safety license and city permit 

  • Kitchen equipment 

  • Furniture 

  • Employee salaries


Traditional restaurant staff provide professional service for guests. Restaurants need more teams according to restaurant size. Staff serve food and drink for guests. And also offer restaurant food information and fulfills the customer’s needs.


Traditional restaurants are less flexible compared to food trucks. It is a fixed location because they can’t move quickly from one area to another. 


Traditional restaurants have a large kitchen where they need cooking equipment and store it, such as a grill, stove, refrigerator, and a room where they keep dry ingredients like rice masala, etc. Restaurants have enough space for work. Their chief can quickly cook food using that equipment. 


  • Refrigerator for cold drinks 

  • Cutler equipment like chop slice 

  • Dishwashing equipment 

  • Cleaning and serving equipment 

  • cooking machines such as ovens, stoves 


Traditional restaurants are challenging because you have to search more about areas where you can quickly get food ingredients and attract customers to your restaurant. Revenue depends on a restaurant’s location. 

Food trucks are mobile restaurants you can easily set up in any area. All kitchen instruments are available to cook food, such as a grill, oven, grinder, and electric stove, and serve to customers. Food trucks serve various kinds of food and drinks. The restaurant needs to be more flexible, and it is difficult to set up in any small area. You can hire a Food Truck in Melbourne for a short event at an affordable price.

Restaurants need more staff to serve food to the customer, but food trucks need limited staff to serve food to customers. They satisfy all customer requirements, such as packing the food and serving. Food Truck Catering in Melbourne is much easier than traditional restaurants.

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